The LemonLadies Beagles 
                      Lawrencetown Dartmouth       
              Nova Scotia Canada

Dartmouth Nova Scotia 
Canada B2z 1L7

We are Hobby Breeders not a business or commercial kennel

Welcome to the Lemonladies Beagles. In the year 2005 I met a field trial judge who had hunting beagles in Nova Scotia that bred the lemon and whites and we then adopted Sandy  (a field and trial beagle) from him and that was the beginning of"The Lemon Ladies Beagles". I just loved their coloring and they were at that time so rare to see.

  I developed a love for the show beagles in 2009 and starting showing my first show Lemon and white beagle . Today we have two Grand champions and three champions and three CFC Elite Champions. These beagles are from sought after blood lines and pedigrees from all over the world. They are not hunting dogs but make excellent family pet's.

Our beagles all live in the house with us as pets and not in Kennels all the puppies are born and kept in our home. Both the sire and Dam are with us . We are hobby breeders and not a commercial kennel business so we only breed when we have a waiting list and a new show dog may be in the future .Our puppies are Vet checked dewormed micro chipped and their first needles also a health certificate and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. 

All our puppies are adopted on a non breeding contract and are guaranteed for two years for health,genetic issues and temperament

We don't only show dogs but do other Canadian kennel club  sports as well. There are a few great sports for puppy owners to try with their beagles. Agility ,Obedience, Rally, Scent training, and a few more .

Your beagle will only be the best behaved by the training and work you put into it from the time you pick your puppy up. We highly recommend obedience training. 


 How to take care of your beagle and some fact's about the breed.


Beagles will bark when strangers arrive to let you know someone is here. Beagles in general are not nuisance barkers. They can  start to howl  if left alone for long periods of time?out of boredom.Make sure you always crate train your beagle and have fresh water in the crate when you leave. Leave a radio or t.v playing this helps with any boredom. Obedience classes for your beagle is also highly recommended.

 Grooming your Beagle

Brush your beagle at least once or twice a week with a firm bristle brush to groom. Regular brushing helps get rid of dead fur and keeps itching, odor and shedding under control.Bath your beagle only when necessary. Beagles' skin tends to dry out and they typically are clean dogs, so a necessary bath is rare. Bath them once a month at most unless he rolls around in something unsavory. Use a mild dog shampoo.

 Clean your ears  once a week with  an ear cleansing solution made for dogs which you can find at any pet store. Put cleanser on a cotton pad and clean the outer rim and inside of his ears, being careful not to penetrate anywhere inside his ears you can't see.Beagles are highly prone to ear infections, wax build-up and ear mites if in the dirt a lot.

Do not over feed your beagle this will cause health issues as they love their food and treat's. They can gain weight very quickly. Feed your beagle baby carrot's and green bean's instead of high calorie treats.Make sure you brush your beagles teeth to keep the tarter under control and feed dental bones.