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Happy Parent's Of the Lemon Ladies Puppies

'I adopted a puppy from Karen Oct 2007. Even from the first day she was brought home she was very affectionate and playful. My friends often comment on her friendly demeanor and how much she enjoys company, both from people and other dogs. She's been a great companion, whether it's spending the day at the park or curling up on the couch while I watch TV.

  Adam         Dutches


We adopted a puppy from Karen Nov 2008 and he is doing great. Karen raises her puppies in a family enviroment and they are all very socialized. As a hobby breeder she cares a lot about her puppies, she checked on us for weeks after we had Bailey to see how we were all doing. Bailey is almost fully trained and sleeps through the night. He is full of energy and loves to snuggle in the bed with us every morning. He sits, lays down and gives paw on command but wants a treat in return...lol.
 Chantelle MacKinnon Our Boy Bailey

We adopted “Phoebe” our lemon beagle puppy from Karen Metcalfe (aka “Lemon Lady Beagles”)  November 2008.  Phoebe has adjusted to our family and our home like she has always been there.  We can count on Phoebe to make us laugh out loud every day with her good-natured antics .  Our family adores her – she is very smart and has a wonderful disposition.    She loves all people, children, and animals – when out for walks – she makes her way to say hello to everyone we meet – people always comment on her beautiful colours and sweet temperament.  It is obvious that these puppies are very well bred, and if you want the perfect family pet, I would highly recommend adopting one of these precious lemon beagles.

Corinne Reid and Family         Our Girl Phoebe

Charlottetown, PE

This is a letter of Reference to anyone who is interested in adopting a beagle from Karen Metcalfe. She is a very responsible hobby breeder, who cares for every puppy she lets someone adopt. She keeps in contact to make sure her puppies are in a good homes. I live in Newfoundland, and she made it possible for me to get my puppy Gunner through flight. Before sending Gunner to us she cared for him as if he were her own. And to this day she still knows him by name. I believe every puppy she gives for adoption is beautiful. Our puppy Gunner is a very well behaved dog that is great around kids and babies. I would encourage anyone who is ready for a beagle to adopt one from Karen Metcalfe, "The Lemonladies". She is Great.....

 Amanda.....                     Gunner


 To anyone looking for a purebred beagle puppy .
I highly recommend the lemonladiesbeagles.
We own one of Karen's Puppies and she has been so very helpful to us.
Her pups are very loved and cared for and she treats them all as family.
Our dog is very well behaved and great with small children and other animals .
Once you have one of these dogs your hooked for life .Our Tonka is our baby , spoiled rotten because you just can't say no to those big brown eyes .
(well almost never )
 Charlene Brown                                                     Our Boy Tonka

 Tonka is one of Missey's and Dimonds Babies.

We just wanted to let you know that Cooper has adjusted well with our young family since adopting him from you in Nov 2008. At a six months old, he is everything we expected - sweet,playful and healthy. He gets along well with our boys (ages 3 & 7) and with other children. He also loves to meet new people and their pets. In fact, we had him in puppy kinder-garden for 6 weeks; he stole the show! Everyone thought he was adorable.Upon deciding to adopt a puppy, we checked out many breeds and breeders;due to your knowledge of dog breeds, especially the beagle, we decided that a beagle was the breed best suited for our family. Adopting from a reputable breeder who provided a contract that was in the best interest of all parties, especially Cooper's was important to us. We are very pleased to report that Cooper has been checked out by our vet and was found to be clear of all genetic faults and has no health issues.We're very happy we got our Cooper from you, "The Lemon Lady". Thank you for your professionalism and hard work to provide a healthy, smart and sweet companion for our family.


Joe & Lisa Burke          Our Boy Cooper

We are proud owners of one of Karen Metcalfe’s (the Lemon Lady’s) lemon beagles. His name is Zach. He is 30 pounds of loving energy. He gets along great with cats, kids, and others. He needs a walk/run every day and loves to sniff everything. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is sharp as a whip and learns quickly. We love him so much we are thinking of getting another beagle.

Lynn and John Farmakoulas

Lynn and John now have two of the Lemonladies Babies


Our Boy and Girl Zack and Jessie




We adopted “Freeble” oct 2007 from Karen.  We were expecting our first child within a few months of bringing Freeble home, but knew a beagle would be a perfect fit – even though we knew it would be a lot of work.  Karen is a very caring hobby breeder and always welcomed us into her home when we came to visit Freeble before taking him home.  She treats all of the puppies like family and because they around family and other children all day, they are all well socialized.  Karen still remembers Freeble’s name and will periodically check in to see how he is doing.  Freeble loves everyone – adults, children and other animals (although, our cats have still not warmed up to him).  He loves going for long walks, playing in our newly fenced yard and going to the cottage where he can play in the ocean.   I am so glad we decided to adopt Freeble, as I cannot imagine our family without him.   

Lesley Ferguson

                                                                               Freeble and Baby Hayden